Sakai Vault


Sakai Vault Teams
Victor H: Co-founder and CEO: Throughout his career, Victor is a strong advocate for driving relevance and partnerships in business. He brings with him a wealth of payments and banking experience in leading global organisations to drive sustainable business growth. He was responsible for securing strategic partnerships with leading banks, fintechs and ecommerce companies to establish market leadership.
Chad G: Co-founder and chairman: Chad is responsible for bringing new adopters into the crypto ecosystem. A fascination with tech, money and politics led Chad to become passionate in helping people to reinvent their relationship with money
Eric F: Co-founder: With 16 years of experience in strategy, product, and sales in Financial Services, Retail, and Technology, Eric enjoys building world-class teams to drive impact and innovation at scale. He previously worked at JP Morgan, McKinsey, and PayPal in New York, Shanghai and Singapore Phillips A: CTO: Phillips has over 15 years of experience as an executive in IT strategy and cybersecurity. A former CTO of a multinational enterprise software company focused on monitoring, cybersecurity and compliance, he led the organization to win multiple industry awards.
Anthony F: President of Engineering, where he oversees the technology underpinning Sakai Vault services. He enjoys solving hard technical problems and is passionate about making financial infrastructure and the economy more accessible on a global scale by using technology more effectively.
Tiago D: Investor Relations Manager: Tiago is in charged of investor relationships and professionalize the Investor Relations function in Sakai Vault. Tiago is from a multi-strategy hedge fund where he led the firm’s capital markets, fundraising and investor relations programs. Through Tiago’s capital raising experience, he has worked with sovereign wealth funds, institutional asset managers, pension funds, family offices, endowments and foundations.
Ellie H: Marketing Manager: For over 7 years, Ellie has worked across public and private sectors at the intersection of strategic communications and marketing. From leading reputation management and stakeholder engagement for global brands to promote finance products, Ellie's passion is leading world class teams and organisations through integrated communication
Tasya G: General Manager: overseeing the establishment and success of the company. Prior to joining Sakai Vault, Tasya worked in the ‘embedded finance’ and payments sector, building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to enable the success of a hyper-growth fintech start-up. He led the management of a high-net-worth life insurance business as COO.