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Be Part Of The Future Sakai Vault Is Building


Sakai Vault Decentralized Autonomous Organization, SakaiDAO is a community platform that empowers Sakai Vault token stakers to participate in the governance of Sakai Vault ecosystem.
SAKAI holders can stake their tokens to vote on important proposals. In hierarchy, users can create proposal (SDP) for Sakai Vault development. In return, they receive rewards in SAKAI from part of activities on SAKAI ecosystem. At this stage, 3% out of 5% claiming fee from Staking Program. These percent can change with proposal which created from stakeholders on DAO. In the future, as more users join and more protocol added, more rewards will be generated.
The voting process is fully transparent. Since voting is an on-chain operation, it will have a transaction hash and other details that will be available for anyone to review on BSCscan. Results are achieved through a democratic process - proposal options with the highest voting points win.
Stake SAKAI tokens to vote on governance proposals and earn SAKAI rewards from trading fees.

Resource of SakaiDAO Reward

RealYield via Trading Fees & Claiming Fees
The claiming from Sakai Staking program is 5% and a part of it is used for SakaiDAO rewards.
Details of this fee allocation is indicated below:
Sakai Vault Capital
Transaction fees of Sakai Chain,Perpetual Trading ( Coming )
40% from transaction fees transferred to DAO
Note: 2/3 from transaction fees will transferred to DAO


Sakai Vault and its products are governed by the community through SakaiDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Starting from 5000 SAKAI to join SakaiDAO, stakers can vote on governance proposals that shape Sakai Vault‘s future and earn SAKAI rewards from trading fees.
The minimum amount of SAKAI required to stake in SakaiDAO is 5000 tokens
The reward is distributed every 1 day
The investment is locked in 1 year.
After 1 year of locking token, the interest will be counted based of the remaining locking token
There is a penalty for emergency unlock. A penalty 25% of total staking amount will be applied if users unlock during the first 3months and the penalty will decrease 2.7% for each month to the end of the locking period. This is applied to ensure the commitment in SakaiDAO protocol and provides SakaiDAO members the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge technologies and long-term project.
When Sakai Vault imposes a fine to DAO users who withdraw early, there's a good chance to protect our long-term investors and provide the public with transparency in the DeFi space. The penalties collected will be used to share among current valid SakaiDAO users based on their staking ratio. This fairness prioritizes long-term investors and thereby ensure long-term project development.
Penalty %
01 - 90
91 -120
121 - 150
151 - 180
181 - 210
211 - 240
241 - 270
271 - 300
301 - 330
331 - 360


DAO members have a say in Sakai Vault's decision-making process
Participating in the SakaiDAO allows you, a Sakai Vault community member, to help contribute towards the success of the project.
In return, you are able to earn SAKAI rewards for your efforts, with rewards coming from a portion of network fees collected through trading activities on SakaiSwap,Perpetual,Staking... As more trades are executed and new protocols added, more rewards are generated.

Mayor in SakaiDAO

Users staked 25,000 SAKAI and above into SakaiDAO will be come Sakai Mayor.
  • They fully get benefit from the DAO system such as: sharing the claiming fee and voting.
  • Moreover, they are able to give out proposal in term of business development. Their proposal may be public and let other DAO members to vote to lead to a decision making.
SakaiDAO Mayor’s proposals are considered to be voted and commenced. The potential proposals can be the allocation of project finance, new protocol to be developed, rewards to be distributed to the community, project fund expenses, etc..

Affiliate Program

Helping more people find the value they are looking for!
After become SakaiDAO members, users can join in SakaiDAO Affiliate program. You will be granted access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can find and copy your unique affiliate referral link. When your referee make a staking transaction in SakaiDAO, the liquidity pool will instantly distribute the reward to your account.
There are 3 level referral reward: Level 1: 3%,Level 2: 2%,Level 3: 1%
  • Users receive 3% of their direct sponsors investment, 2% of the second level and 1% of the third level.
  • For example, you refer 1 person stake in SakaiDAO 10,000 SAKAI token, you receive 300 SAKAI token. Then your referee sponsors 1 person to stake in 10,000 SAKAI token, he receives 300 token and you receive 200 token… so on.
Details are below:
1st Level
2nd Level
3rd Level

SakaiDAO Claiming fee

A fee of 5% will be applied for users who claim their DAO rewards.
Claim fee will be allocated below:
Sakai Vault Capital

Resource of SakaiDAO rewards & Claiming fee