Sakai Vault
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Security & Audit Reports

Ensuring the Security of the Sakai Vault and Multi Collateral.
Sakai Vault's security provides confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, authentication.
Users must be appropriately authenticated and authorized to access data. All interactions must be auditable and traced uniquely back to the origin entity, and the system must be robust against intentional attempts to bypass any of its access controls.

Audit Reports

We determined that the best strategy to maximize security would be to combine our formal verification efforts with more traditional security audits paired with higher-level formal modeling. Therefore, we partnered with three leading independent security auditors to protect against logical errors and/or potential failure modes in the contract logic.
The following industry experts focused on:
The Vault Audit Reports
The following industry experts focused on:

Updates and Results

Certik a world leader in security, has audited our smart contracts. Certik reviews a broad variety of software, creates security tooling, and consults on the modifications necessary for secure system deployment. Its audit consisted of manual review, automated analysis, and bespoke tool development.