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Why SakaiDAO?

SakaiDAO defines high-integrity protocols and crypto assets as those which embody the following values:

‍- Rebel Reasonably – legacy systems are often deeply flawed. SakaiDAO wants to replace them with fair and open crypto; while also recognizing legacy guardrails often exist for good reasons. As reasonable rebels we understand that high ethical standards help regulators see the immense benefits of blockchain and cryptography.

‍- Trust Code – crypto exists to build more trustworthy assets, networks, and rules through impartial code. Therefore, SakaiDAO supports projects that prefer trusting code over vulnerable and subjective processes.

-‍ Build – Web3 will win. Finance is moving on-chain. SakaiDAO helps make that happen, not by speculating or over-financializing, but by building and supporting builders. No suits or moonboys.

‍- Do It Right – Community and fairness first for the long term. Play positive-sum games that can last for years and brighten the future. ‍SakaiDAO will go further toward our mission together.

How do I stake?

To stake SAKAI, you just need a wallet that holds SAKAI tokens. SAKAI is on BSC and SakaiDAO smart contracts are on BSC also; therefore you need some BNB for gas fee. Connect your wallet and stake SAKAI into SakaiDAO.

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