➡️Synchronizing Positions from V1 to V2

Synchronizing V1 to V2

Synchronizing SAKAI referral system from V1 to V2

>> Sakai Staking Protocol V2 is live with full features like V1 and better user experience. Bugs in staking have been found out and fixed up. Users can claim/stake at the same time without any error.

>> The entire referral system of V1 has been synchronized to V2. In order to retain all downline wallets, within your referral system, you must stake $200 and encourage your downlines to stake in the period of 10 days - starting April 10. After 10 days, if users do not deposit, their wallet will be removed from the system in V2 and it does not affect your referral system in V1.

Links for Staking Version 1 & Version 2:

V1 Domain : https://appv1.sakaivault.io/

V2 Domain : https://app.sakaivault.io/

V2 Domain : https://appv2.sakaivault.io/

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