📍How To Join

Join us to earn fantastic fortune from “The Vault”

Can’t Stop The Heat 🔥 - The Vault's Epoch Has Started!

#Step 1

Start by accessing the Staking app as you normally do and then select the "Vault" option at this link:


#Step 2

In the "Ticket Amount" section, input the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Afterward, click on "Approve" to enable $SAKAI in your wallet to access the commitment process.

You will then see the "Commit" button to click, and this action will confirm your commitment to The Vault tickets.

#Step 3

Wait for the transaction to be successfully processed. Once it's completed, make sure to add the NFT (Ticket ID Number) to your Trustwallet/Metamask

#Step 4

As the Epoch ends, visit The Vault website to check the results. If you happen to be a winner, the "LATEST WINNER" section will display your SAKAI reward number along with a "CLAIM" button, which you can click to claim your reward directly to your wallet

Join us to earn fantastic fortune from “The Vault”


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