Staker FAQ

Answers to common staking questions

  1. How do I start staking my SAKAI tokens?



Navigate to the Earn section, and follow the prompts to stake your tokens. Make sure you have the minimum required amount of SAKAI for staking (100$ USDT worth).

  1. Where will users receive their staking reward for each staking option?

Staking rewards can be claimed directly into a user's wallet through daily claim on staking app.

  1. Will staking rewards be automatically re-staked?

There will be no automatic re-staking of staking rewards. If you want to re-stake your rewards, you must manually do so yourself.

  1. Can I withdraw my staked tokens anytime?

The lock-up period is 250 days and everyday you receive 0.8% of your deposit, once the staking period ends, you would have received 100% of your deposit and 100% of interest. Therefore after that,there is no more fund to withdraw.

  1. When and how are staking rewards distributed?

Staking rewards are distributed at specific intervals, often aligned with the protocol's reward distribution schedule. These rewards are automatically deposited into your SAKAI VAULT account.

  1. Is there a risk involved in staking my SAKAI tokens?

While staking generally comes with lower risk compared to trading, it's important to note that all investments carry some level of risk. SAKAI VAULT implements various measures to minimize risks and ensure the security of your staked assets.

  1. Can I stake additional SAKAI tokens after I've already started staking?

Yes, you can. SAKAI VAULT often allows users to add more tokens to their existing staking positions. This can help you maximize your rewards over time.

Remember, staking can be a rewarding way to earn passive income, but it's essential to understand the specific staking terms and conditions of SAKAI VAULT before you start. Always make informed decisions and stay updated with our platform's announcements for any changes to the staking process.

  1. Reason for slightly slow speed in Sakai Staking reward distribution:

Let us inform you now.

During the distribution of staking rewards, the contract takes an instant snapshot of the stakers' deposit and other staking data and starts calculating their daily rewards. Then, it refreshes the data for each staker and you will see that your rewards have increased under the "est. claimable" label in our application. However, new deposit and claim events coming to the SP contract at the time of reward calculations stop the reward distribution of the contract and cause it to calculate the rewards again by taking a snapshot. In this way, the reward calculation is made by taking into account the last deposit and claim transactions and the rewards become claimable. Due to the JSON RPC delays that occurred in the last 2 weeks, the reward distribution time of our system with ~ 11,000 stakers is completed in 6-7 minutes. However, if new deposit and claim transactions come to the contract within these 6-7 minutes, the reward distribution is canceled and the calculation is made again.

  1. Why am I seeing this? What does it mean?

When you come across the message "Probably, it's distribution time", it is time to calculate profit allocation divided by stakers. Thus, it means it's not the right moment to stake or claim your rewards. Please refrain from staking or claiming during this period.

To keep track of the calculation process, you can visit

  • "True" Statement: The system is actively calculating profits and preparing for distribution.

  • "False" Statement: The process is complete.

The calculation process initiates daily at 01:06 UTC.

If you encounter any issues while trying to stake, refer to the help page for updates and assistance:

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