SakaiDAO Operator MultiSig

Operator MultiSig


A multisig feature is especially desirable in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Multisig feature is as voting rights, because signing a transaction represents approval of the business decision.

In SakaiDAO, there are 9 multisig as a DAO operators and they can access among distinct ecosystem projects actively contributing to SAKAI development. These admins must approve new proposal from SakaiDAO members, new smart contract upgrades or fund transfers for purposes approved by the DAO. In order to execute a txn, 5 out of 9 admin approval signatures required.

This can protect SakaiDAO against malicious actors and moreover, multisig feature offers extra security by eliminating the single point of failure risk associated with having one private key. It makes it difficult for hackers to steal funds from a wallet, because they must have the different keys to complete any action.

SakaiDAO Proposal & Operator Multisig address:



  1. 0x9c362E823D4ebf885333A2DaD4689d4BEF9AE480

  2. 0x14082d73437c1bfc0D116806Ac334e6589987AC3

  3. 0x6194496822e1366f791943342f0D7BA09cEaC7aC

  4. 0x17e4Af71BA7e2E3382D5239d8FeB336f0859e4E9

  5. 0x36DFBAef07210469FB5a6252a37D16e1149CD959

  6. 0xc1d5484E984B965a29ECdcAd2cB2566eB18ff0c2

  7. 0x522f5aeB30878eafd315E12CEe28d80406F7C8e2

  8. 0x440D2c1ecFED7A849a2fD1b17028db5B9dA367cF

  9. 0xE6Ed5Ed486F8C545009B8Aeb54b7C4C4959B5F75

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