Earn Rewards For Governance Participation

Governance Power

SAKAI token holders receive governance powers proportionally to the sum of their balance. There are initially two powers in SakaiDAO hierchy:

  • The proposal power that gives access to creating a proposal.

  • The voting power which is used to vote for or against existing proposals.

Any user can choose one or both of the governance powers based on their balance staking in SakaiDAO. Described in more detail below:

Voting power: In order to start participating in SAKAI governance, you will need to stake at least 5000 SAkAI tokens and you will also need BNB to cover gas fee. Then, to cast your vote, go to the proposals page and click on an active proposal. You can vote yes or no

Proposal power: Users who stake more than 25,000 SAKAI tokens into SakaiDAO will become Mayor and they have the right to give out proposal. On SakaiDAO interface, Mayor can see a text box to type in. After your proposal is submitted, it will be evaluated by SakaiDAO operator then will be public for voting.

Proposal guides:

Sakai Vault encourages Mayors to propose improvement for the community and the proposal shoud include the following sessions:

Abstract - A couple of sentences that summarize the proposal.

Motivation - A statement on why the Sakai Vault community should implement the proposal.

Rationale - An explanation of how the proposal suitable with Sakai Vault 's mission and guiding values.

Specifications - You can use this section to describe the reason why you think your proposal can improve Sakai Vault

Steps to Implement - The steps to implement your proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

Timeline - Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

Overall Cost - The total cost to implement the proposal. A detail of the total cost including fixed costs and recurring costs is encouraged

If your proposal is passed, it will be public to Sakai Vault community for voting. More detailed intentions, specifics and implication details can help your proposal have more chance to pass

Propose process:


As a SakaiDAO member, you are active participant in the DAO's decision-making process by voting on governance proposals that SakaiDAO Mayors submit. It's important to evaluate proposals based on their alignment with the values and goals of SakaiDAO because the ultimate goal of the DAO is to create a decentralized and transparent platform that benefits all Sakai Vault users

Voting process:

  • Go to the SakaiDAO forum.

  • Locate the proposal you'd like to vote on and read through the proposal

  • Connect your wallet.

  • Cast your vote: Yes or No

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