🆘How To Fix Undisplayed USDT Balance After Staking

For new wallets only

API URL: https://app.sakaivault.io/help/stake

#Step 1: Click on the Tool Bar at the top right corner next to your wallet display.

#Choose "Help" button

#Step 2: Click on "I stake SAKAI, but my staking balance is not updated" button.


#Step 3: In order, Fill in:

  1. WALLET ADDRESS: Your staking wallet

E.g: 0xeCC33B4cbA4fA1851bafD992ce7cc4274a6792a8

  1. TX HASH: Your transaction proof of staking to Sakai Staking Pool

E.g: 0x0ce17c3d5b50adbc5941fe6e0a2aafa0cda284530a4d417865a78829b73225e8

  1. REF CODE: Your upline referral code. Either Number Only or Text can be fill in.

E.g: 088477f5 or https://app.sakaivault.io/earn?ref=088477f5

NOTE: For a user who has already participated in another user's referral tree during their initial stake, their "ref code" in the form will remain linked to their initial stake's ref code, even if they input a different ref code in the form. This means that their stake will still be associated with the ref code used for their first stake, and it won't affect their upline tree.

Click Verify Deposit.

#Step 4: When you see the word "success", you are now available to see the USDT Balance Display on your staking account.

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