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How it Works?

  • Eligibility: All users who commit a minimum of $10 worth of $SAKAI tokens will automatically become eligible for The Vault.

  • Entry Submission: Participating in The Vault is hassle-free! No need to fill out any forms or make additional payments. Your eligible commitment of $SAKAI automatically grants you one entry into The Vault.

  • Epoch Date: The epoch will take place every 5 days. It is automatically commenced by the smart contract, which is audited to ensure fairness and transparency.

  • Rewards: Amazing array of rewards up for grabs! The grand reward is 30% of the total Vault value in particular epoch. The first reward is 10% of the total Vault value and 8% and 5% are for the second and the fourth winners relatively

The Vault is your opportunity to multiply your $SAKAI commitment and be part of an exciting community-driven epoch system. The more $SAKAI you commit, the higher your chances of winning those fantastic rewards. Don't miss out on this chance to be part of The Vault's thrilling journey, where every epoch brings new surprises and potential fortunes!

Get ready to participate in this exciting system and stand a chance to win big in The Vault!

Reward Distribution

The winner of the grand reward will receive 30% of the total of committed SAKAI in the Vault, followed by the other winners in descending order of reward value.

The whole process is automatically performed through the smart contact at the end of each epoch. No ID or personal information required to claim the reward.

Claiming Rewards

Winners must claim their rewards after the epoch finish. A fee 5% of their reward is applied to distribute to Sakai Vault Staking Pool (3%) and Charity Wallet (2%)

Transparency and Fairness

Sakai Vault takes transparency and fairness seriously. The epoch of the Vault is conducted by a smart contract. All transactions are recorded and can be checked to ensure that the process is random and unbiased.

Charity: 0xE5C972d724676a6aBE928E0cD730738f8e2C0474

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